An introduction to Campaign Exchange

Created by community activists, getting more people active in their community

Campaign Exchange is a space for anyone interested in working for social and environmental justice. Whether you’re new to campaigning and community work or have been active all your life, Campaign Exchange helps you discover what’s happening in your area and promote what you’re doing. People using this site are part of a community of activists, working towards a fairer and kinder future.

Who can use Campaign Exchange?

This website is for everyone. As well as welcoming campaigning groups, NGOs, and Trade Unions, we want to get more people participating in their community and involved in the decisions that affect them. Whether it’s local council decisions or trans-national trade deals, these issues are not just for politicians and company directors to decide – people power does make a real difference! Even if you’re not part of a local group, please still explore the site and get involved in the issues you’re passionate about.

Not just a directory – a community network

We know that connecting with other groups and campaigners can be difficult if you don’t already know what’s happening in your area. Campaign Exchange makes this easy by building a network of activists and campaigners that is accessible and open to all.

Use Campaign Exchange to collaborate with others to make campaigns reach further, and have a greater impact. We actively facilitate communication between groups, matching up similar campaigns in the hope you can share people power and resources when working towards the change you want to see.

Add your content

Once you register you can sign your group up, start a campaign, create an event or add a resource for the community to use, all in the Members Area. Tell the community what you’re doing, and promote your good work!

Get in touch, make connections

We would love to hear any comments or suggestions about the website. Use the Contact page or start a conversation in the comments sections.

Where we operate

We are currently up and running in Portsmouth and Hampshire. If you would like to use Campaign Exchange in your area please get in touch!