Urgent action on trade deals

A message from War on Want

There are just a few days left before MPs vote on the Trade Bill on Tuesday 17 July.

After months of delay due to arguments over Brexit, the government has finally scheduled a vote on the Trade Bill, but as currently written, it reflects the government’s attempt to grab power over trade deals.

There is still time to urge your MP to stand up for democracy and transparency ahead of the vote on Tuesday.

Today, the government hosts US President Donald Trump, and trade will be top of the agenda. Under the ‘pro-corporate power’ agendas of both Trump and May we can expect their discussions to be TTIP on steroids – an extreme version of the controversial negotiations a couple of years ago between the US and the EU. This is why the vote on Tuesday is so important.

Trade deals can affect everything from food standards to climate action to jobs. Yet under the government’s current proposals, ministers can decide what to put on the table – whether it is our public services or environmental standards. We know US corporations want to include the NHS and their negotiators have published 50 pages of changes they already want to our current regulations and standards. US and UK officials have been holding talks behind closed doors and at the moment Parliament and the public have no way of knowing what is being discussed, and no way to stop it.

Caroline Lucas has tabled an amendment that would introduce trade democracy (it is amendment NC3). Please email your MP urging them to vote for this amendment.

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