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Campaign Exchange supports the communities of Portsmouth and surrounding regions in fighting for a fairer future.

We have a great offering

Groups can promote their work, people can find people and resources to help them with their campaigns, our campaign facilitators work with different groups to help coordinate campaigns so they have a bigger impact, and an events calendar keeps you up to date with all the campaigns and community actions happening in our region.

However, we have to maintain the website, pay for hosting, fix bugs as that arise, and work to improve functionality. All this costs money.

We need your help

Up to now, everything has been paid for either through small charity grants, or out of our own pockets. All work on the project other than web development and maintenance is done on a voltuntarily basis, because we believe in the project and want to help other campaigners out who are passionate about their work for the community.

We are now in a position where we need to ask you, the lovely, kind people of the internet, to help us with our mission. Any donation is very very welcome, and will go directly to making the website work better for charities and community groups that are working hard to make our communities better places to live.

Thank you for reading,

Ben, Sue, and the Campaign Exchange community.

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