A Guide to planning your next Campaign

Whether you are new to activism, or have been campaigning all your life, it is important to understand how your actions will contribute to the change you want to see. Read on to explore resources that can help inform your campaign planning. Theory of Change To start us off, watch BONDS' Jenny... More


Funding – Information on where you can apply for funding for your project

Not sure where to find the funding you need to make your project happen? This resource is here to point you in the direction of grants and bursaries that may be available to you and your group. If you know of others, let the community know in the comments below! Lottery Funding The National... More

Help with Multimedia – Photography, Video, Photoshop etc – Hampshire area

  I'm Ben, and I set up Campaign Exchange. I want to help groups promote their work, and the visual aspect of this is really important. If anyone needs photographs or video of campaign events or actions I can help. I can also turn my hand to making logos and other images. I'm happy... More