Websites related to climate change

This is just a selection - let us know if there are others you'd like to see added. The Climate Coalition is a network of 130 organisations working on climate change. They organise Show the Love events and a mass lobby of parliament on June 26th. You can find quick links to all the... More

Film ideas

There are lots of ways to find film suggestions. See our page on film And check out the trailers for the films below. Did you know that you can ask for films to be shown? Have a look at the Demand Film site Films about the climate You can find ideas here And on this site  Commonsense... More

Teaching about weather and climate

Don't forget that you can use this site to find speakers, film ideas and useful websites. Global Dimension is a key starting point – it brings together resources, case studies and background information from a range of organisations to help teachers and other educators bring a global dimension... More

A plastic free kitchen

Have you ever thought about how to cut plastic from your life? Portsmouth City Museum has updated their 1930’s kitchen to show us how people lived without plastic back then, and there are some surprisingly good ideas for today. Staff at the Museum are using the 1930’s Highbury Estate kitchen... More

Recycling in the Portsmouth area

A quick guide to recycling in the Portsmouth area. Thanks to Portsmouth Friends of the Earth for this Kerbside recycling Drink cans, food tins, aerosols, plastic bottles (drinks, cleaning, washing-up, milk, shampoo, sun cream etc), paper, magazines, card, cardboard, small electrical items... More