Recycling in the Portsmouth area

A quick guide to recycling in the Portsmouth area. Thanks to Portsmouth Friends of the Earth for this Kerbside recycling Drink cans, food tins, aerosols, plastic bottles (drinks, cleaning, washing-up, milk, shampoo, sun cream etc), paper, magazines, card, cardboard, small electrical items... More

Teaching about weather and climate

Teach Climate has some good ideas including engaging videos. The NASA website has loads of practical ideas, photos and facts. US based. Practical Action has good explanations plus simple ideas to make a difference The Met Office  pages include explainers and experiments to help kids... More

Resources for teachers on One World Week

The theme for One World Week 21-28 Oct 2018 is The World is changing – How about Us? There are lots of areas to explore: poverty, hunger, the Sustainable Development goals. Also the environment – waste, plastics, the loss of species, the changing climate. And it’s also about changing the... More

Speakers – Portsmouth Area

There are lots of people in the Portsmouth area who are prepared to give talks to community groups, faith groups and schools. These are some of them. The links will normally take you to the relevant pages on this site. We can also invite speakers from national organisations and they will... More

Key dates over the year

Summer 2018 to Summer 2019 - Local, national and international dates for your diary Check out this run-down of all the key dates for the year ahead. Local Portsmouth events and festivals in highlighted in red. If you can think of any we've missed, let us know in the comments! 30... More