Film ideas

There are lots of ways to find film suggestions. See our page on film And check out the trailers for these films. Did you know that you can ask for films to be shown? Have a look at the Demand Film site Sustainable 2016 A vital investigation of the economic and environmental instability of... More

Film Resources

There are loads of great films out there that highlight different causes and campaigns. Here is a run down of the one's we have found. Remember, Campaign Exchange is a community of activists made up of people like you. If you know of any other films which you think others users should watch,... More

Help with Multimedia – Photography, Video, Photoshop etc – Hampshire area

  I'm Ben, and I set up Campaign Exchange. I want to help groups promote their work, and the visual aspect of this is really important. If anyone needs photographs or video of campaign events or actions I can help. I can also turn my hand to making logos and other images. I'm happy... More