One World Week 2018

The theme for this year is: The World is Changing – How about us?

This has been adopted across Europe for the Global Development Education Week

It’s easy to think of related issues especially what we are doing to the environment with waste, plastic pollution, loss of species etc. There are also exciting ideas around to show how the world could be a better place plus projects to make it happen.

You can find more information on the OWW website. 

It’s easy to organise a OWW event because lots of local groups are happy to provide speakers. There’s a list on the Campaign Exchange website and we’ll be adding more over the next few weeks. If you do, providing food and inviting other local groups makes all the difference.

We’ve also done a list of films which fit the theme  plus links to useful websites. 

There are also resources for teachers and a list of key dates

The OWW website has resources like pledges,  a quiz (on environmental issues), discussion starters, worship materials and games. We’ll be putting up more fairly soon.  Check them out here.

We think the theme lends itself to discussions about how people used to live. We’ve put starter questions on the One World Week website and there’s a timeline of change since OWW started 40 years ago which you could build on.

We do have quite a number of posters and photos if you have spaces to display them.

Do mention OWW at meetings you’re going to and let’s try and get even more people involved this year.