Inspiration from Up North

With the current government continuing to push for oil and gas extraction through fracking and other means, our beautiful countryside, national parks, and precious water supply are at risk from this unsustainable and unnecessary rush to make money at the expense of people and planet.

Despite residents and the local council saying no to fracking in Lancashire, the Government overrode their decision. This has lead to a major confrontation with the frackersĀ Cuadrilla, and the Police at Preston New Road.

Inspirational Action

With the potential need to take direct action in our local area to stop drilling on the South Downs, what inspiration can we take from the many groups who have opposed the fracking in Lancashire?

Take a look what Reclaim the Power have been up to in their ‘Rolling Resistance’ month of action in July. While the month is almost over, you can follow them on social media to see how their campaign continues.

Find out more about the fight to stop drilling on the South Downs from Markwell’s Wood Watch.

Follow the progress, and get involved if we need to take action to protect our environment and water supply!