Gosport Fairtrade Action


We are committed to raising awareness in Gosport that every pound we spend is a powerful decision that can change lives across continents, countries, and communities. Choosing Fairtrade products enables producers to provide for their families, develop their communities, adapt to climate change and farm their land in a way that is sustainable.
Fairtrade benefits the environment too:



Gosport has been a Fairtrade Borough since 2008. We’re a group of local volunteers. GFA survey shops, catering outlets and B&Bs and produce a directory of places that offer Fairtrade products. We take part in local events and put on events ourselves to enable people to find out more about Fairtrade: many involve tasting products; occasionally we are lucky enough to have a visiting Fairtrade producer to tell people how Fairtrade has changed their lives. We give talks, arrange stalls and displays at events. We work closely with the Borough Council, the Southern Co-operative Society and some local schools and churches, businesses and community organisations. GFA are a members of the Hampshire Fairtrade Network and of Gosport Voluntary Action.


We meet formally about 4 times a year, to review progress and plan activities, at Gosport Town Hall (PO12 1EB) usually 4.45 – 6.15 p/m. In addition we have informal meetings to plan specific events and activities sometimes at the Discovery Centre or in members’ homes. Find out more about our meetings here.



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