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The Fairtrade group in Portsmouth aims to persuade local companies and organisations to switch to Fairtrade products. We succeeded in making Portsmouth a Fairtrade City in 2004 and our Fairtrade City status has been renewed (August 2019) following a new motion of support from Portsmouth City Council.

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We are still campaigning for living incomes, an ambitious new public campaign, to ask our government and the chocolate industry (worth £4billion in the UK alone) to lead the way to a sustainable future for cocoa farmers.

Our vision for living incomes is both radical and simple; we want all cocoa farmers to earn a living income from growing cocoa. A living income would provide farmers with a decent standard of living, enough to cover all their cocoa farming costs and enough to cover their basic human rights, like a nutritious diet, children’s education and healthcare.

We are also concerned about the UK/US trade deal which could well become a model for others and which gives huge power to big business.

And we have been looking into how Fairtrade companies support the communities they work with during the COVID crisis and the links between Fairtrade and climate.

See the Fairtrade Foundation website for more information all these issues.

We still work hard to show people that buying products with the Fairtrade Mark can make a real difference to some of the poorest people in the world. There are over 6,000 products with the Fairtrade Mark now and buying them means that communities have extra money for schools, healthcare and coping with the changing climate.

We’re happy to give talks and to help you plan events.

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We normally meet each month in Portsmouth Civic Offices, Guildhall Square Portsmouth PO1 2AL but COVID has meant that we meet occasionally on Zoom insead. Follow us on Facebook to get the ltest dates

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