Economy for the Common Good

The Economy for the Common Good is an idea, launched by Christian Felber in Austria, which is catching on across Europe

We have set up a new group in Portsmouth to get people thinking about the ideas behind the Economy for the Common Good.

We meet on the last Wednesday of the month. Our next meeting is Wed 30th May 19.00 Portland Building Room 2.63 (outside student term time the meetings will start at 18:30 as the building closes earlier).

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Is a vision of a fairer society based on inclusive democratic participation, building an economy that increases the wellbeing for all, not just the few, and which protects our environment for future generations. Success would be measured in terms of contributions to the common good rather than profits for shareholders.

* Check out the UK website  

More information and links on this site

* Here’s a cartoon (translated from German) (5 minutes) Offers an overview of the ideas. Find it on YouTube

* Christian Felber explains ECG in a TED lecture (23 minutes):

* Useful Article in the Guardian by Bruce Watson (2014): ‘Can we create an ‘Economy for the Common Good’?

* Christian Felber: Change Everything: Creating an Economy for the Common Good, ZED Books 2015, ISBN 9781783604722 has a full description of the ideas.