The Future’s Electric… Can Pompey Meet the Charging Challenge?

Sometime in the not too distant future, we’ll all be driving electric cars. With the UK government joining other countries in banning the sale of petrol and diesel engines by 2040, the industry will no doubt make the switch to electric before legislation forces them.

In fact, the likes of Volvo and even Maserati are making the switch sooner rather than later. The all-electric car company Tesla have just released a more affordable model which is set to make long-range electric cars an everyday reality.

Awesome. No more stinky diesel, quieter roads, and a tiny chance we can avoid runaway climate change.

Charging ahead?

But hang on a minute, what if you live in Southsea?! How on earth are you going to charge your car? Seriously?! It’s one thing putting your shiny future-car in the garage for a quick battery top up. It’s even foreseeable that you could install a charge point in your designated parking space. But what happens when you get home from work late, and can’t find a space? You end up parking three streets away and need to charge up overnight. How is that going to work? These problems have been highlighted elsewhere too.

This issue is going to require a serious amount of consideration and investment from someone. The council presumably, with help from central government. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see our city adopt this new cleaner tech sooner rather than later? The question is how to make it work. Maybe converting street lamps to incorporate charging points is part of the answer?

Can we start to make some noise about this, and get the ball rolling? Over to you, Pompey…

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