Doughnut Economics

‘Finally, a breakthrough alternative to growth economics – the Doughnut’

Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth is a really important book which tries to incorporate the ideas of planetary limits and acceptable living standards into a model.

George Monbiot has written a very enthusiastic article for the Guardian (including the quote above)

‘An economics that helps us to live within the doughnut would seek to reduce inequalities in wealth and income. Wealth arising from the gifts of nature would be widely shared. Money, markets, taxation and public investment would be designed to conserve and regenerate resources rather than squander them. State-owned banks would invest in projects that transform our relationship with the living world, such as zero-carbon public transport and community energy schemes. New metrics would measure genuine prosperity, rather than the speed with which we degrade our long-term prospects’.



Kate has done a TED talk explaining her ideas

You can also find a series of one minute animations on her website   

This one of them – a quick introduction

And there’s also a podcast