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Campaign Chat

Use this space to discuss anything you like about campaigning, events, ideas and networking in the Portsmouth and Hampshire area. Log in to Disqus to get started.

  • After a really productive consultation session with the wonderful people at Portsmouth Green Drinks, one of the ideas that emerged was that this website had an area where people could chat to each other about what’s going on in campaigning in the region. This is a trial run of that process to see how it goes. We can add a separate area for this if it proves popular!

    You can use the reply feature in order to keep topics together. If you’re starting a new topic, start a new comment. Hopefully we can keep this looking neat and tidy.

    When you sign up for Disqus (the commenting software that features on the site), you might want to include the name of your group, if you organise for one. That way, people will know who you are representing.

    Get chatting!

    • Clare Seek

      Great feature! Thanks.

      • Testing, testing… Do you get an email notification of this response??!

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