Exporting Healthcare debt

Our government is encouraging poorer countries into debt by funding healthcare with Public Private Partnerships. Jubilee Debt Campaign is challenging this. Using PPPs for funding our own NHS has landed British hospitals and health trusts with unpayable debts and it’s siphoning taxpayers’... More

Inspiration from Up North

With the current government continuing to push for oil and gas extraction through fracking and other means, our beautiful countryside, national parks, and precious water supply are at risk from this unsustainable and unnecessary rush to make money at the expense of people and planet. Despite... More

Trade talks with the USA

There's lots of concern about chlorinated chicken right now because Liam Fox is talking trade deals with the USA and says that some food safety standards don't matter. They do. Apart from animal welfare and health and safety issues, they also matter because we won't be able to sell food in Europe... More

Re-imagining UK Aid

Global Justice Now's new report: Re-imagining UK aid’ The key points are: We urgently need to reposition aid spending away from ‘free market’ models UK aid current strategy is accused of ‘benefitting corporations rather than communities’ Aid must be re-focused on principles of... More