Doughnut Economics

'Finally, a breakthrough alternative to growth economics - the Doughnut' Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth is a really important book which tries to incorporate the ideas of planetary limits and acceptable living standards into a model. George Monbiot has written a very enthusiastic article... More

Change Everything – The Economy for the Common Good

What if the Common Good were the point of our Economy? Our current economic system is on its head. Money has become an end in itself rather than a means for what really counts: a good life for all. Christian Felber, author of "Change everything: Creating an Economy for the Common Good" and... More

Journeys Festival International

The second festival of arts by and about refugees and asylum seekers starts in Portsmouth on Thursday. There are lots of great events around the City. You can download the programme... More

World Food Day

October 16th is World Food Day and this year the focus is on changing the future of migration. Hunger and failing farms are driving many people off their land. Our food system is broken. Hunger vs obesity. Wasteful oil-based production. Forests cleared for grain to feed to animals. Soil erosion.... More