The General Election and the Climate

The Election on 12th December is a crucial time for the climate. We want a government which is really committed to urgent climate action. So please raise climate questions on the doorstep, at hustings and by contacting candidates.

Come along to the Climate Hustings at Priory School on 7th December

You can find lists of candidates including their contact details on Who Can I Vote For? 

The South East Climate Alliance have produced a good summary of where all the parties stand by taking the relevant extracts from the manifestos

Friends of the Earth have produced their own manifesto, analysed what the different parties say, produced questions for candidates and a pledge we can ask candidates to sign.

They have also produced an analysis of how different local authorities are taking action on climate

You can find an interesting analysis of the different manifestos from Carbon Brief

Here’s a good summary of Labour vs Conservative policies on the climate

The BBC has produced a short video on points to look out for .

Here’s an interesting article from Tortoise Media which shows how much attention is given to climate and the environment in the different manifestos.

Here’s a great article by Asad Rehman, Director of War on Want on why this election is so crucial.

The Winchester Climate group have produced questions for candidates and some more in depth analysis.

The Guardian has some interesting ideas on the different manifestos