Tell MPs to Build Back Better

Build Back Better is calling for a coronavirus recovery plan focussed on rebuilding our society for the better for example by safeguarding healthcare and vital public services, providing secure and well-paid jobs and creating an economy fit to tackle the climate crisis.

The pandemic has exposed the faults in our system – inequalities that will only get worse over the coming months and years if we don’t act now. We have a unique opportunity to invest in a better future, in a plan that protects the most vulnerable and safeguards our vital public services, that provides secure and well-paid jobs, and that creates an economy fit to tackle the climate crisis. The Government response to the crisis so far makes it clear that they’re not going to do this on their own, but public demand is there – an overwhelming majority (94%) of the British public have said they don’t want to see a return to the pre-pandemic economy. By speaking up as one, and making the support for real change visible now, our MPs and the government won’t be able to ignore us.

This is a link to their demands

Build Back better is initiated by Green New Deal UK and supported by many organisations such as Greenpeace, PCS Union, Friends of the Earth and the New Economics Foundation.  You can see the list of supporters here. 

There are a number of initiatives, including a day of action on 27th August when events are being planned around the country, including handing in a letter with Build Back Better’s demands to our MPs

You can join Build Back Better and sign up for training webinars on the website

The letter for MPs is below. Build Back Better are looking for a diverse range of signatures from healthcare groups to cycling groups, local businesses to community support groups, to demonstrate the level of support for these demands locally.

If you are a member of a such a group and can add your group’s name to the list of signatories, please email






Dear (insert local MP)

We are writing to you representing a broad range of local organisations and communities  to offer you our vision of how the UK can recover from this crisis. Our recovery must address the inequality, economic and social injustice that existed long before COVID-19, and now risks being intensified.

Choices being made right now will shape our society for years, if not decades to come. This is a time to be decisive in saving lives, and bold in charting a path to a genuinely healthier and more equitable future for all. Our communities need to know that we will not only get through the pandemic, but we will also learn from it and seize the opportunity to build our society back better.

We want an investment led new deal that protects public services, tackles inequality in our communities, provides secure well-paid jobs and creates a shockproof economy which can fight the climate crisis. Our response to recovery, at all levels, must:


Protect people and communities in this moment by maintaining income support, and continuing the furlough scheme for workers until it is safe for them to return to work. We need debt and rent cancellations for those who need it, to ensure people have secure housing, energy and food, and aren’t saddled with debt into the future. This includes investment in the public services that we all rely on.

Ensure support for British industry (including Project Birch and the CCFF) are not blank cheques, and come with conditions to protect workers, the public, and the environment – in the UK and abroad – to ensure we build back better from this crisis.

Invest in a mass job creation Green New Deal programme, creating good, well-paid jobs across the country focused on decarbonising, upgrading and leveling-up the economy. Jobs to upgrade our housing, build green technology, flood protection and restore habitats, as well as boosting health, care, education and other sectors that form the base of a low-carbon economy.

Deliver quality public health for everybody and for the long-term.  This means ensuring the NHS and social care are properly funded and protected from privatisation, as well as tackling the drivers of poor health including inequality in wages, education, housing and access to healthcare, green spaces and clean air.

Recognise and respect the key workers that brought us through this crisis by improving pay, working conditions and ability to organise. This must include tackling workplace discrimination and recognising the huge contribution of unpaid carers.

Ensure the UK stops fuelling global injustice The UK must recognise, and act upon, its huge historical responsibility for the global climate and inequality crises. Our recovery can not stop at the UK border and should support global progress on tackling conflict, oppression and environmental degradation – this is not a moment to retreat from the world or cut vital aid.

The recovery process gives us a chance to look at our economy and society as a whole and ask ourselves what was not working, and who and what we cherish the most. We are hopeful about the opportunity that lies ahead to answer these questions and are committed to being a part of reshaping our community for the better and providing a high quality of life for all. In sending this letter, we are echoing the calls of thousands of people, communities and organisations who have joined the Build Back Better campaign in the last two months.

We would like the opportunity to discuss our vision with you further and to hear your thoughts on this and the government’s plans to date. We ask that on our behalf that you write to the Prime Minister and Chancellor about this vision as they begin discussing how to recover and build back better.

Yours sincerely,

[List of names]