Opposing Fracking – Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Beyond

Stop Fracking

At a time when we simply cannot extract any more carbon from the earth if we are to meet our commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and avert climate catastrophe, the current government are ignoring this and pushing ahead with fracking plans in the UK.

What is Fracking?

Hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) is the process of blasting water, sand and chemicals into rock deep underground in the hope of releasing and extracting oil and gas. Aside from the obvious climate change problems¬†from burning what is extracted, there are other dangers too. Find out what Greenpeace UK have to say about the dangers of fracking in their article ‘4 reasons why we could all be fracked by fracking’.

There is strong opposition to plans to frack from groups all over the country, but unfortunately the government seem committed to pushing this outdated and needless process forward without the consent of communities, and in the face of local democracy.

Many Groups in the region are working on this issue. We will have a comprehensive list of those in due course. However, here is one action to get us started:

Upcoming Action

There is a protest outside the Portsmouth City Council offices on Tuesday 15th November, organised by Markwells Wood Watch in opposition to the possibility of drilling on the South Downs near Rowlands castle. The event details are on our events page.

Frack-free Isle of Wight are regularly campaigning against fracking on the island. Find out their latest actions on the website.

Friends of the Earth have a petition to tell the government not to allow fracking in the face of local objections. You can sign it here.

You can order their Stop Fracking Action Pack here.

Know of any groups involved in the fight against fracking in the Hampshire area? Let us know in the comments below.