One World Week 2020

The theme for One World Week this year (18-25 October) is about making the world better. The coronavirus crisis has seen huge changes in most of our lives: sadly, tragedy for some and hardship for many, but revelations for us all. Measures have been put in place with a rapidity we had been told was impossible when we were discussing the climate emergency; people have not only adjusted their own lifestyles drastically but rallied round to support the vulnerable in their communities.

Can we build on these signs of hope to work for a future which is not just “back to normal”? Many are arguing against the idea of going back to what we thought was ‘normal’ but was destroying the natural systems of the world we depend on. But this might be the moment to choose a new way of living where we come together to take care of each other and our world – Let’s make it better.

Obviously, the usual One World Week community activities may not be feasible so let’s explore virtual events and share ideas for working together and online. One of the possible ideas is setting up study groups to read up and then discuss some of the new ideas which could transform our world.

We’ve been hunting for resources like articles, poems, websites, videos, cartoons and actions which explore our understanding of the impact of the pandemic for better or worse. Hopefully you can find more.



Do check out the One World Week website

It includes a theme page with some recently published articles with ideas:  a resource library, with useful ideas and materials from previous years you can use and build on, a guide to selected videos, articles and things to do and information about key ideas plus a page suggesting action.