One World Week 2020

The theme for One World Week this year (18-25 October) is about making our world better. The
coronavirus crisis has seen huge changes in most of our lives: sadly, tragedy for some and hardship
for many, but revelations for us all.

A Green Recovery?
Let’s make this the moment to choose a new way of living where we come together to take care of each other and our world – Let’s make it better.
Let’s explore ideas to ‘build back better” and take action to help make it happen.

Could you encourage your friends and family to engage with campaigns that address the
climate and ecology emergency with the economic fairness issues which must be at the core of
all efforts to build back to a better new normal? See the Take Action page on our website.

We’ve been collecting resources you could use including articles, poems, websites, videos,
webinar recordings, cartoons and actions which explore our understanding of the impact of the
pandemic for better or worse and ideas for the future. We have put a selection in the Resources
Library (under the Theme Guidelines heading) and we’ll add to it.

These are some ideas we have come up with in the Portsmouth area

  • Invite a speaker to a Zoom meeting? Could be a community group?
  • Set up a study group or discussion, using the materials?
  • Arrange a special service? Maybe with a short video? Or exploring how a faith group engages with climate change. Virtual interfaith seervices?
  • Collecting ideas of how people think the world could be made better.
  • Online quizzes – CAFOD has guidelines (on website)
  • Virtual tea or coffee party with an outside speaker.
  • An event showing positive action around the world – ideas from Practical Action? Traidcraft Exchange?
  • Share art, music, poetry, dance, drama or food from other countries? Journeys Festival International is doing this up to 18/10
  • Promote some of the relevant campaigns. OWW is involved with the Climate Coalition and supporting their declaration. Friends of the Earth are supporting this plus Build Back Better.
  • Sharing ideas of people helping. Maybe stories of how refugees are helped in poorer countries
  • Collecting ideas of how people think the world could be made better
  • Sharing ideas with local schools, including using the songs produced by Portsmouth Music Hub

We’ve got some events being planned too. On Monday 19th October Greenpeace are holding an event about the future of transport. On Tuesday 20th there’ll be an event around climate and migration with a Stand Up to Racism speaker, poems and testimonies  – more details soon. We aslo want to take action on trade deals on Sat 24th October and are planning another evening to pull ideas together on how we can make the world better. Sadly, these will all be via Zoom.

We’ll put information on this page soon.

Suggestions for Schools


One World Week, 18-25 October, is a chance to celebrate living in our shared world in which we all depend on each other. This is an opportunity to learn more about some of the problems we all face, especially the changing climate, and explore ideas about how we can make the world better

During the week you could

  • Enjoy art, music, dance, drama or food from other countries
  • Check out and learn the One World song
  • Read stories and poems to learn about different ways of life
  • Learn how people live and dress around the world
  • Show films about other countries
  • Invite a speaker to talk about their experiences
  • Explore how various faiths engage with climate change
  • Find out about the people who produce our food and clothing
  • Create artworks, poems or essays, pictures and videos about how you would like to make the world better

Global Dimension is a guide to loads of great resources

One World Week is part of the Europe-wide Global Education Week and you can find more about that and see their resources on this link. It’s a bit later than ours but you could chose any week to do this.

See the One World Week website for more indeas for young people.