Have your say on a trade deal with the USA

There’s a lot of concern around about the prospect of a trade deal with Trump’s USA.

We know what this threatens: an assault on food and environmental standards, more privatisation in our NHS, more power for ‘corporate courts’. Some Brexiters have spent decades wanting to bring in this agenda, and they think this is their chance. Now Trade Secretary Liam Fox has launched a public consultation on a US-UK deal.

Last month some of Liam Fox’s best friends produced a ‘model’ US-UK trade deal.  Written by a group of extreme ‘free market’ think tanks like the Cato Institute and the Adam Smith Institute, the policies in the ‘deal’ are a recipe for bad food, a prescription for NHS privatisation and a blank cheque for deregulation.

Such a deal would be a massive boon to big business – from farming giants to healthcare corporations to the banks that created the financial crash ten years ago. Liam Fox is very close to these think tanks, and so will be sympathetic to their vision for post-Brexit Britain.

Those who want a big business-dominated world are getting very well organised when it comes to trade. We don’t have their resources or access to ministers. But we do have people power. With that, we beat TTIP, the EU-US trade deal. And we can beat these toxic trade proposals.

The next step is making sure Fox and his officials hear loud and clear what we think, so that they can’t claim to have public support. Please take action now.