Fighting Climate Change

It’s 11 years since the Al Gore film An Inconvenient Truth hit our screens

We now have An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power which is showing at No 6 Cinema on 14th September

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The evidence for climate change is really clear now – temperature records being broken, rising sea levels, worse climate disasters.

There are some hopeful signs – the Paris agreement, the growing use of renewable energy.

But we also have to contend with a media which distorts the facts, the disinformation put out by Big Oil and the Trump administration in particular.

There are linked problems

  • A warming world and its effect on weather, sea levels and food production
  • Increased pollution and the health effects from this
  • Our profligate use of resources
  • A growing world population
  • The loss of species – ‘the sixth extinction’


We need to get climate breakdown back on the agenda – it’s not discussed enough, even during the General Election or while we watch floods around the world.

We need to share stories, influence politicians, support green initiatives, demand green jobs

We can change our lifestyles too – there are lots of ways to cut our carbon footprint

We should be pressing for support for some of the worst affected communities, which have often done very little to contribute to the problem

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