Climate Action this Autumn

Campaigning on the climate this Autumn

The next few months are  crucial in the fight to get action on the climate and the ecological emergency.

We need to get the government putting money into a green recovery and speeding up action on climate.

There are lots of groups pushing for action.  Let’s support them as much as possible.

These are a few of the campaigns.

There’s a big push to get a Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill through Parliament and this is the main focus for the current XR action. But there are lots of other ways to support it by contacting MPs and raising awareness.

Groups are also getting together to call for action in the lead up to vital climate talks COP 26 next November  and there’s a new COP26 coalition 

The Climate Coalition (100+ organisations) is launching a submission builder on 7/9 to get ideas so they can present a strong case to the government prior to the comprehensive spending review

They will also be organising Zoom meetings around the country getting ideas got new green jobs from 28/9

There are Global Climate strikes on 20th September

There’s also a Global day of Action on Climate Change on October 5th and Friends of the Earth are launching a climate week of action then which will be promoting both Build Back better and hte Climate Coalition campaigns.

Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace  have both come up with lists of demands for the government

Build Back Better (also 100+ organisations) is trying to get support for a wide-ranging and green post COVID recovery to all MPs

Campaign against Climate Change has lots of ideas for action and excellent resources.

One World Week has a great list of campaigns on their site