Air Quality

It’s estimated that 40,000 deaths each year are attributable to pollutants, especially from diesel.

This is a climate change as well as a health issue.

So urgent action is needed.

Friends of the Earth are monitoring pollution levels around our city as part of a national scheme and working with local schools. Find out more .

Greenpeace have a petition to call on the UK government to cut toxic diesel emissions. Sign the petition to tell Theresa May to cut diesel pollution – stop putting new diesel cars on the road, and accelerate the shift to cleaner, greener road transport.

They say that there’s one obvious place to start – the thousands of new diesel cars rolling onto our roads every day. Diesel cars were sold as a green choice, but car-makers lied about how much they pollute. The government admits there’s a problem, but they’re not doing nearly enough to fix it.

Now the European commission has issued a ‘final warning’ to UK over air pollution breaches.

To find out more about the Portsmouth Friends of the Earth group

To link to the Portsmouth Greenpeace Group

There’s a new group looking at air quality in the Waterlooville area. You can check out their Facebook page here