A Climate Challenge

Could we get everyone in the local area talking about the climate ? Can we work together to create an interesting programme and involve new communities?

People still don’t know how serious the situation is or what we can do about it.

So could you invite a speaker to a group you belong to? Persuade your church, mosque or temple to have special service? Organise a discussion? Get local school children or youth groups to invite people in to hear what young people think? Put up a display?

There are lots of topics we ought to be learning about:

  • The science of climate change and what we can do to slow it.
  • Climate change and extinction
  • New technology eg better solar panels, wind farms etc
  • What does Zero Carbon actually mean? How soon do we need to achieve it? How will it change our lifestyles?
  • The Green New Deal
  • The need for system change. What does it mean? How do we achieve it?
  • Living within planetary boundaries
  • What PCC is planning to do
  • Political parties and their green policies

There are useful resources on the Campaign Exchange website:

Green websites including links to worship materials

Resources for teachers or people working with children

Speakers you could invite (more offers welcome)

Plus you can link to lots of local groups and see what they are doing.