Stop Fracking

Opposing Fracking – Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Beyond

At a time when we simply cannot extract any more carbon from the earth if we are to meet our commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and avert climate catastrophe, the current government are ignoring this and pushing ahead with fracking plans in the UK. What is Fracking? Hydraulic... More

Tax Justice

Tax Justice

What is Tax Justice? Tax Justice means multinational companies paying their fair share of tax in the countries they make their profits in. These taxes can pay for vital public services, and in the case of developing countries, stop the reliance on aid. Campaign groups are working in three... More

Refugees Welcome

Portsmouth’s Response to the Refugee Crisis

Here's what campaigners are doing to assist the wellbeing of refugees and migrants in the Portsmouth area. The Problem Refugees and migrants look to come to the UK in order to find peace and security. Due to a myriad of factors including conflict and economic insecurity in their home nations,... More