She Deserves. Fairtrade and a Living Wage

She Deserves This year the emphasis for Fairtrade Fortnight was on cocoa, empowering women and a living wage. Cocoa prices have dropped dramatically and this really highlights the scandal of unfair trade. The new campaign is an ambitious three year one to introduce a living income for all.... More

Portsmouth Green Film Festival 2019

Portsmouth Green Film Festival 2019 Portsmouth Film Society has been holding Green Film Festivals for years. You can see the programme for 2019 here We collected ideas from a range of people and there’s a short description and a link to each here.   We're always interested in new... More

Support victims of trafficking

Many victims of trafficking in Britain are not properly supported and protected by the authorities. Support is patchy and long term care is rarely provided. The figures for human trafficking are terrible. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that at any one time there are two... More

A People’s Food Policy

We already have a food crisis – think of our food banks, hungry children, food waste… And now new trade rules and BREXIT threaten further problems, like lowering food standards and breaking links with traditional suppliers. A new report A People’s Food Policy has been put together by... More

Portsmouth declares a Climate Emergency

A CLIMATE EMERGENCY Portsmouth  city Councillors have unanimously passed a resolution declaring a Climate Emergency and the need to take urgent action to cut emissions. Congratulations to all involved. Now we need to work on making this happen. This is the motion Proposal to Declare a... More