Shoppers’ Revolt

UK supermarkets produce a whopping 800,000 tonnes of UK supermarkets produce a whopping 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging a year – but shoppers aren’t going to take it anymore! Join the Shoppers Revolt on Saturday 15th September and tell supermarkets to ditch pointless plastic... More

The fashion industry

Fashion is a huge industry and people love it. But it's also  a by-word for exploitation and environmental damage. Most clothes are now produced in poor countries with very poor health and safety records. It's also responsible for a huge amount of waste. Firms employ lots of young women on... More

Behind the Barcodes

BEHIND THE BARCODES ENDING HUMAN SUFFERING IN SUPERMARKET SUPPLY CHAINS Inequality is rampant across the global economy, and the agro-food sector is no exception. At the top, big supermarkets and other corporate food giants dominate global food markets, allowing them to squeeze value from vast... More

Dangerous deals are still going to be done in the dark

The government’s Trade Bill was debated yeaterday As it stands, it's a power grab. It doesn’t give parliament or the public any role at all in overseeing future trade deals. Instead, it gives trade secretary Liam Fox a blank cheque to negotiate over our food standards, our public services... More

Keep fighting for trade democracy

Check out this really encouraging new report on trade democracy. So much consensus but we have to get the government to listen. A Trade Governance Model That Works for Everyone is supported by an informal alliance of organisations including the British Chambers of Commerce, Confederation of... More