Make COVID19 vaccines and treatments available for everyone

Access to medicines   It’s really crucial that access to new COVID 19 tests and vaccines are available to everyone regardless of income but there are real fears that this may not happen if big pharmaceutical companies are out to make enormous profits.   Poor countries often have... More

Fight the UK-US Trade deals

You may be aware that the government has recently restarted trade talks with the US. Civil society groups in both countries worry could that new deals could privilege corporate profits at the expense of the environment, consumer safety, public health and worker rights. An extra worrying feature... More

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight (24/2 to 8/3) this year is all about women, cocoa and the need for living incomes. We’re going to be telling the stories of women farmers in West Africa and how hard they work for far less than a living income.  The focus is on women’s rights but also on the ways that the... More

A Climate Challenge

Could we get everyone in the local area talking about the climate ? Can we work together to create an interesting programme and involve new communities? People still don't know how serious the situation is or what we can do about it. So could you invite a speaker to a group you belong to?... More

Support Fairtrade

Does Fairtrade still matter?  Local activists who are busy planning events for Fairtrade Fortnight at the end of February, believe it’s more important than ever. Find out about all the local events for Fairtrade Fortnight here         Buying goods with the... More