A Climate Challenge

Could we get everyone in the local area talking about the climate ? Can we work together to create an interesting programme and involve new communities? People still don't know how serious the situation is or what we can do about it. So could you invite a speaker to a group you belong to?... More

Support Fairtrade

Does Fairtrade still matter?  Local activists who are busy planning events for Fairtrade Fortnight at the end of February, believe it’s more important than ever. Buying goods with the Fairtrade mark means that the producers get more than the current world market price plus a premium to spend... More

The General Election and the Climate

The Election on 12th December is a crucial time for the climate. We want a government which is really committed to urgent climate action. So please raise climate questions on the doorstep, at hustings and by contacting candidates. Come along to the Climate Hustings at Priory School on 7th... More

Climate Change – what can we do?

The latest IPCC report on the climate is very chilling. We need to move very fast if we are to avoid the worst climate outcomes. They are suggesting we have only 12 years. So we urgently need to tell politicians that they need to be doing more. Expanding Heathrow, HS2 and supporting fracking are... More

Climate and Migration

Climate & Migration The International Organization for Migration projects that between 25 million and 1.5 billion people will have to leave their homes by 2050. This is not an issue which is being treated seriously. The poorest and smallest nations are the ones who are least likely to... More