A more just immigration policy?

We urgently need to challenge the government’s approach to immigration that sees ever tighter border controls, not only in physical form between states, but also via outsourcing border controls into every aspect of people’s lives right here in the UK. The hostile environment Since 2012 the... More

Have your say on a trade deal with the USA

There’s a lot of concern around about the prospect of a trade deal with Trump’s USA. We know what this threatens: an assault on food and environmental standards, more privatisation in our NHS, more power for ‘corporate courts’. Some Brexiters have spent decades wanting to bring in this... More

Demand action on climate change!

The latest IPCC report is very chilling. We need to move very fast if we are to avoid the worst climate outcomes. So we urgently need to tell politicians that they need to be doing more. Expanding Heathrow, HS2 and supporting fracking are just going in the wrong direction. There's plenty of... More

Shine a Light

This autumn world leaders will be discussing whether and how to make loans to governments more transparent. If you believe that people have the right to know about the debt taken out by their governments in their name please write to your MP now to ask them to take action. Recently there have... More

Fight Fracking – Let Communities Decide

Fossil Free It’s been a busy few months for the anti-fracking campaign. In July, the government turned its back on the local community in Lancashire by giving consent for fossil fuel company Cuadrilla to start fracking. And now the government also wants to fast-track fracking across the... More