One World Week 2017 – Good Neighbours

One World Week The theme for 2017 is Good Neighbours – My World Depends on Us One World Week runs from Sunday 22nd - Sunday 29th October     What does being a “good neighbour” mean to you? We think it involves actively looking out for our neighbours to make sure their... More

Air Quality

It’s estimated that 40,000 deaths each year are attributable to pollutants, especially from diesel. This is a climate change as well as a health issue. So urgent action is needed. Friends of the Earth are monitoring pollution levels around our city as part of a national scheme and... More

Tackling the clothing industry

The Clothing industry is a by-word for exploitation and environmental damage. Most clothes are now produced in poor countries with very poor health and safety records. Firms employ lots of young women on low pay, setting very high targets, insisting on compulsory overtime. A lot of work is... More

Fighting for smallholder farmers

The global fight for small farmers’ rights Small farmers feed the majority of the world’s population, yet they are experiencing escalating levels of violence and oppression. Their existence, livelihoods, and communities are threatened by the expansion of global agribusiness, which is grabbing... More

Ask your supermarket to stop antibiotics overuse

Drug resistant bacteria are spreading across the world, threatening to turn previously treatable diseases into deadly killers.  Part of the problem is that farms are giving large amounts of antibiotics to livestock such as pigs. This allows farmers to keep livestock in unsuitable conditions... More