One World Week 2019

One World Week runs from 20-27 October and we are building on last year's theme so, inspired by the 16 year old schoolgirl climate activist, Greta Thunberg, we shall be focusing on the urgency for action. We need to act now if we are to keep climate change within limits that allow the planet's... More

A Climate Challenge

Could we get everyone talking about the climate this Autumn? Can we work together to create an interesting programme and involve new communities? People still don't know how serious the situation is or what we can do about it. So could you invite a speaker to a group you belong to? Persuade... More

Climate Change – what can we do?

The latest IPCC report on the climate is very chilling. We need to move very fast if we are to avoid the worst climate outcomes. They are suggesting we have only 12 years. So we urgently need to tell politicians that they need to be doing more. Expanding Heathrow, HS2 and supporting fracking are... More

Hampshire County Council – declare a climate emergency

Hampshire County Council this Friday 17 May will consider a motion for Climate Emergency at their AGM which starts at 10 am. Please Consider being outside the meeting to offer encouragement And write to your local HCC councillor.      You can find a list which links to email... More

Zero Emissions

The Committee on Climate Change has produced an important new report calling for zero emissions by 2150. You can read it here: Mrs May has just said that this will be a government target. They say that ten years after the Climate Change Act became law, now is the right moment to set a more... More