The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

XR are launching action in major cities this week and one of their main demands is the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill which was taken to Parliament by Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party) on September 2nd Twelve MPs can be named on a private member’s bill when it’s introduced, and the CEE... More

Climate Action this Autumn

Campaigning on the climate this Autumn The next few months are  crucial in the fight to get action on the climate and the ecological emergency. We need to get the government putting money into a green recovery and speeding up action on climate. There are lots of groups pushing for... More

Shine a Light

 If you believe that people have the right to know about the debt taken out by their governments in their name please write to your MP now to ask them to take action. Recently there have been revelations about secret loans given by UK companies to the governments of Mozambique, Chad and the... More

SOS Shipping

In London, from 7 May, representatives from almost all the world's countries are meeting to discuss whether one of the world’s most polluting industries, global shipping, will cut its emissions before 2030. Some nations are keen to see urgent action, as they are already suffering climate... More