Coronavirus: Cancel poor countries’ debts

A group of organisations including Jubilee Debt Campaign, Oxfam and Global Justice Now are highlighting the $40 billion of debt payments due in 2020 from low-income countries, and calling for $300 billion of debt to be cancelled for the global south as a whole this year. The UN has called for up... More

Make COVID19 vaccines and treatments available for everyone

Access to medicines   It’s really crucial that access to new COVID 19 tests and vaccines are available to everyone regardless of income but there are real fears that this may not happen if big pharmaceutical companies are out to make enormous profits.   Poor countries often have... More

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight (24/2 to 8/3) this year is all about women, cocoa and the need for living incomes. We’re going to be telling the stories of women farmers in West Africa and how hard they work for far less than a living income.  The focus is on women’s rights but also on the ways that the... More

Climate and Migration

Climate & Migration The International Organization for Migration projects that between 25 million and 1.5 billion people will have to leave their homes by 2050. This is not an issue which is being treated seriously. The poorest and smallest nations are the ones who are least likely to... More