Fight the UK-US Trade deals

The government is working on very dangerous trade talks with the US. Civil society groups in both countries believe  that new deals could privilege corporate profits at the expense of the environment, consumer safety, public health and worker rights. An extra worrying feature is that we’re told... More

One World Week 2020

The theme for One World Week this year (18-25 October) is about making our world better. The coronavirus crisis has seen huge changes in most of our lives: sadly, tragedy for some and hardship for many, but revelations for us all. These are the events we have organised for the Portsmouth... More

Drop Debt, Save Lives

Join the mass lobby of Parliament to call for debt relief. Join the mass lobby of Parliament to call for debt relief. The coronavirus pandemic has turned our world upside down. Many of us have suffered from illness, bereavement and uncertainty. As is so often the... More

Trade deals and the climate

Climate and the UK/US trade deal You probably know about the talks going on with the US right to secure Boris Johnson’s promised trade deal. It’s getting lots of publicity over food standards and threats to the NHS. It’s largely designed to benefit large companies which has openly declared... More