Dangerous deals are being done in the dark

The government’s Trade Bill is now before parliament. As it stands, it's a power grab. It doesn’t give parliament or the public any role at all in overseeing future trade deals. Instead, it gives trade secretary Liam Fox a blank cheque to negotiate over our food standards, our public... More

International Women’s Week

PORTSMOUTH INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S WEEK Programme (to find out more check out the Facebook page) Monday 5th March 7.00 pm  Women’s Gala Dinner at Portsmouth Football Club, Victory Suite. £10 ticket. Tuesday 6 March 7:30pm Portsmouth Film Society, Eldon Building Letters from Baghdad... More

Corporate profits trump public health

The scandal of expensive medicines In spite of advances in medical innovation, millions of people around the world suffer and die from treatable conditions because medicines are too expensive. Historically this has tragically affected low and middle-income countries. But in recent years, the NHS... More

Fighting for smallholder farmers

The global fight for small farmers’ rights Negotiations are taking place at the UN on a declaration of rights for small-scale food producers. This would be an important step to protect small farmers across the world from escalating levels of violence and oppression. Small farmers feed the most... More