Corporate profits trump public health

The scandal of expensive medicines In spite of advances in medical innovation, millions of people around the world suffer and die from treatable conditions because medicines are too expensive. Historically this has tragically affected low and middle-income countries. But in recent years, the NHS... More

One World Week 2017 – Good Neighbours

One World Week The theme for 2017 is Good Neighbours – My World Depends on Us One World Week runs from Sunday 22nd - Sunday 29th October   What does being a “good neighbour” mean to you? We think it involves actively looking out for our neighbours to make sure their needs are met.... More

Food for One World – local groups to join.

Food for One World– Good Neighbours There are so many things we can do to make our food system better. These are some of the groups you could link up with. Abundance Portsmouth- A new project that harvests surplus and wasted fruit from trees and hedgerows across Portsmouth.  We... More

Dangerous deals are being done in the dark

From the Philippines to Saudi Arabia to the United States, British government ministers are flying around the world to talk trade deals. Although big business lobbyists may get access to these discussions, they take place in the dark, with no accountability to the public or parliament. This... More